White Surveying Company 

Is the oldest land surveying company in Oklahoma. Since 1940, we have been providing land surveying services. We have grown from our beginnings as a small company to one of the largest, full-service surveying companies in the area.

Capabilities & Specialization's

White Surveying Company is the foremost provider of title surveys in northeast Oklahoma.  In 1940, we pioneered the residential Mortgage Inspection Plat to provide mortgage lenders security and peace-of-mind in closing their transactions.

Today, we still provide Mortgage Inspection Plats to facilitate title insurance and closings on residential property.  Additionally, we are experts in Land Title Surveys for commercial property transactions.

White Surveying Company is your source for:

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Elevation Surveys and LOMA Applications
GPS Surveys
Lot Splits
Mortgage Inspections
Plot Plans
Topographic Surveys

We can provide any type of survey - from a boundary survey to a complete ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey - which may be required for a closing on commercial property.

We also provide design surveys for architects, engineers, and landscape professionals.   A detailed topographic survey can be provided as a comprehensive base map for projects.  Our surveys have been the first step in the design of many diverse projects including roads and intersections, buildings, commercial and residential developments.

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